Indian Army to add more teeth to T-90 battle tanks with Missile tanks


New Delhi: Indian Army is working on the project to equip its T-90 main combat tanks with the third-generation missile system and make them more capable as efforts to enhance their capabilities. Army sources said that at present, T-90 tanks are equipped with laser-guided INVAR missile system and the army has decided to replace the third-generation missiles in its place.

According to the documents related to the project, the design range of the current INVAR missile and the depth of the target has been prepared to the maximum extent of DOP, so in this case it is mandatory to upgrade it for the next generation missiles. The distance covered in the target on the missile target is called DOP. Russia-built T-90 tank is the mainstay of the Indian Army’s offensive weapons. Sources said that the third-generation missile should get a DOP of 800-850mm and it will be able to target the target as well as the target of 8 km in the night at night. Sources said that these missiles will be able to seize dynamic targets along with steady targets.

The Army is also working on the project to install a modular engine for T-90 tanks so that its capability to attack at high altitudes also increases. Considering the emerging security scenarios in the area, the government has taken several steps in the last few months to increase the force of the army. Last month, the government had given this right to the army that it could procure important war equipment directly to maintain its preparedness to fight for a fierce battle for a short period.



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