Indian-American Boy Karthik Nemmani wins Spelling Bee Title

spelling bee winner
Indian-American Boy Karthik Nemmani wins Spelling Bee Title

Indian-American Boy Karthik Nemmani wins Spelling Bee Title on Friday. He won the Scripps National Spelling Bee title. He won $42000 as a cash money along with many other prizes after correctly spelling the term “koinonia” and got a chance to become the fourteenth champion in the eleven consecutive years.

Karthik Nemmani is an eighth-grade student from McKinney, Texas. He won the spelling bee competition after qualifying numerous rounds against his competitor Naysa Modi. Nyasa Modi is another Indian-American student who underscored the overwhelming dominance of Indian-American in the entire competition.

There were total 516 competitors in the entire competition among which Nyasa and Karthik were the last to competitors.

Karthik Nemmani $42000 USD as a prize money and a trophy along with many other prizes such as $2500 USD cash prize, a complete reference library. Not only this he received tickets for trips to Hollywood, NewYork and a pizza party for his school.

Karthik Nemmani said’ “I had confidence, but I didn’t think it would really happen.”

Total of forty-one spellers proceeded for the final yesterday among 516 spellers. It is by far the largest history of the spelling bee competition. It was held at Gaylord National Resort and Convention Centre in Maryland.

Among forty-one spellers, only sixteen spellers reached in the last round. And all the finalists were under the age of eleven to fourteen years which included seven boys and nine girls.

Karthik Nemman said’ “Its a lot of work but I wouldn’t say I expected it. It was a dream come true.”

Apart from that, the winner has many hobbies. He loves to play tennis, Denver Broncos and also he loves to watch the Chicago Bulls.

The spelling bee competition all started from Tuesday onwards. It all began with a written test which was very difficult.

However, there were total five spellers who scored highest in the written test. The were Karthik Nemmani, Nyasa Modi, 12-year-old Shruthika Padhy of New Jersey, 14-year-old Shravanth Malla of New York and Aisha Randhawa of California who is of 12-year-old. It is a proud moment for India that all the five finalists were Indians.

The winner named Karthik Nemmani had to spell just two words correctly to grab the title as the winner. Which he did in a smart way. His winning word was “koinonia”. Koinonia means communion or Christian fellowship to become the ninety-first champion of the spelling bee competition.

There was a total of 18 champions from India in the last  22 years among which last 13 Indian champions won consecutively. That is a proud moment for India and that trend could easily continue.




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