India has Sharpened border construction work against China


There is a long debacle between India and China. That is why China tried to infiltrate into Ladakh. Keeping in mind, India has sharpened its preparations on the border to deal with China. Expressing concern over the delay in the construction of strategic roads on the Indo-China border, the Ministry of Defense has given more administrative and financial powers to the Border Road Organization (BRO) to complete the projects. The Comptroller and Auditor-General (CAG) had tactically expressed 61 strategic 61 important roads by the BRO during the Indo-China Border Road (ICBR) project due to excessive delay, after some months BRO decided to give additional powers. has been taken. The total length of these roads is 3,409 km.

The Defense Ministry said in a statement on Sunday that it intends to bring a major change in the BRO so that the speed of the work can be improved and according to the needs of the army, the desired results can be obtained. The Ministry said that in addition to giving additional administrative powers to the BRO, the government has increased the financial powers of BRO Director General to 100 crore rupees to purchase indigenous and imported construction machines and equipment.

Before now, the DG had the power to purchase the indigenous equipment up to Rs 7.5 crore and imported equipment of Rs 3 crore. The Ministry of Defense has also approved the policy guidelines for allowing BRO to set up big companies in the work of road projects on turnkey basis. BRO has been given these powers in the wake of a dispute between the Indian and Chinese forces over the issue of Doklam.

Official sources said that the Indian army was unhappy with the delay in the construction of those roads on the Indo-China border and requested the Ministry of Defense to expedite the project, which was original to be completed in 2012. The Ministry said that a Chief Engineer of BRO can now get administrative clearance up to 50 crores, additional director-general (ADG) up to Rs 75 crores and Maha director for 100 crores contracts.



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