If BJP Comes To Power, Intruders Will Be Thrown Out: Amit Shah

Lucknow: BJP National President Amit Shah addresses the party's Intellectuals Meet in Lucknow on Sunday. PTI Photo by Nand Kumar (PTI7_30_2017_000193B)

BJP president Amit Shah warned intruders to the country on Monday saying they will be thrown out of India if his party comes to power again in 2019.

Shah was addressing a public rally in Rajasthan. He appealed the people to return Vasundhara Raje government in the state and Modi government in Delhi.

He criticized Congress national president Rahul Gandhi for defining the surgical strike of Modi government as BJP’s political assets.

He said that Rahul Gandhi failed to see through Italian goggles the sacrifices and martydom of Indian soldiers as well as plight and pain of their families.

After coming to power in Assam the BJP state government has identified forty lakhs intruders. Shah slammed Congress for becoming restless for such intruders and alleged the party perceived its vote bank in them.

He mocked Congress party for questioning over the fleeing of Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya from India and said it was due to strict rules and regulations brought by the BJP government.

He said the Congress had given huge loans to such business people through the banks during their 10 years in power.

Shah added that such people didn’t flee during the Congres reign as the party had their share too with them.

He mocked saying, “Chor chor Mosere Bhai.”

Shah also quoted the success of Modi and Vasundhara Raje governments like giving the 2.5 crore



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