How to pick pants to suit your body type?


“I like being a woman even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants” said the ever famous American singer Whitney Houston. There is no truth greater than this in women’s fashion. The versatility of pants is what makes them such ‘must haves’ for women. Online women’s pant’s shopping has made it super easy to buy the latest trends in pants. There is a whole range of them available to choose from too; right from formal trousers to party wear trousers to women’s cotton trousers online. The trick is to know how to choose your pants as if they fit you like a second skin.

One of the main aspects of choosing good clothing is, surprisingly not the style or the brand. Good clothing is all about comfort and the ease of wearing. After all, what use is a garment that is top notch in style but scores low on comfort!! The same thing holds true for pants too. Women’s pants are definitely comfort clothing, if and only if they offer the flexibility for movement and are sturdy enough for the incessant wear and tear as she shifts from one role to another. While indulging in online women’s pants shopping, it becomes all the more important to pay keen attention to few factors that make it worth the time and effort in purchasing ladies palazzo pants online.  Here are a few guidelines on the pants to choose for different body types.


A triangle body shaped woman has wider hips, an aspect that dominates the bottom half of the clothing to pick from. It is best to keep the pants simp, le and avoid any kind of detailing, pockets, pleats or work on the hip sides of the pants. Straight pants, skinny pants, and regular pants are great for this body type.

Inverted triangle

The main feature of an inverted triangle body shape is the broad shoulder line and narrow hipline. It is important to choose pants that can complement the shoulder line to create a sense of balance. Women with this body shape can indulge in pants with detailing at the hip side. They can wear all kinds of trousers as long as the hip, waistline or the bottom half is highlighted with accessories or detailing on the pants.


The rectangle body shape has a similar kind of effect in terms of bottom detailing like that of a triangle shaped body. The key difference is the waistline. It is best not to highlight the waistline in a rectangle body shape. Detailing around the hip or the bottom half works well for this shape of a body. Straight pants, jeggings, formal trousers, all of them look great on this body type.


One shape of the body that is conducive for all kinds of trousers is the hourglass. Needless, to say it is one reason there is so much focus on this shape. All kinds of trousers, accessories and detailing goes well with this body type.



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