Honeypreet to be presented in Panchkula court today security increased


New Delhi: Baba Ram Rahim’s fiancé daughter, Honeypreet, is going to present by Haryana Police in Panchkula Court today. The police will request Honeypreet’s remand from the court so that the investigation can be carried forward in the case of Panchkula violence. Honeypreet is accused of instigating people for violence and providing necessary help for violence. After the violence spread on August 25, Haryana Police issued a notice in search of Honeypreet. Haryana Police will present Honeypreet in Panchkula Court at 2 PM. However, Honeypreet can apply for Bail in the Punjab and Haryana High Court today. Earlier, the Delhi High Court had rejected Honeypreet’s anticipatory bail plea.

While talking to Emit Post, Honeypreet said that She was innocent and said that she had not been hidden anywhere and now she has come forward for justice. The police conducted a medical check-up at Honeypreet’s Civil Hospital in Panchkula’s Sector 6 at around 1:30 in the night. In addition to Honeypreet, the police also got a medical doctor named late on Friday night. Sukhdeep is a friend of Honeypreet and he was caught with Honeypreet.

Honeypreet has been kept in Sector 23 police station of Panchkula. All night, in the police station, the senior officers, women policemen, and the doctor’s team came to visit. The supporters of the dera had made a lot of buzzes here. In view of this, the security of the police station has been set up and special duty of women police personnel has been imposed.

Honeypreet went to Ramadan with Sunilia helicopter along with Ram Rahim. He had insisted on going inside the jail with Ram Rahim but the police sent him out. Honeypreet had disappeared since then in Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Bihar, and Nepal continuously raids were done in the search of Honeypreet, but there was no clue of Honeypreet.

Eventually, the Haryana police arrested Ram Rahim’s biggest treasurer from Gorakhpur. On August 25, in Honeypreet, a case of treason was registered in Panchkula violence case. In this violence, 38 people were killed.



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