Haryanavi Singer and dancer Harshita Dahiya shot dead in panipat


Panipat: Harshita Dahiya, the famous singer of Haryana, was shot dead in Chamrada of Panipat. When Harshita was shot, she was leaving the program. She was going to Wagon R carriage with his colleagues, and the attackers started firing. Singer Harshita got four bullets in indiscriminate firing. The killers escaped by executing the incident.

Harshita came to live on Facebook and posted a video of some artists who pulled the Sharafat mask in her eyes. Now, when Harshita was right in her claim, she knew it herself, but people started liking the style and condition of speaking to her live. That was the reason that there was a good addition to Harshita’s fan too. One reason for his murder can be this too. He had previously uploaded the video of the threat to Facebook.

Who was singer Harshita Dahiya?

Harshita was a famous dancer from HaryanaHarshita had said in her video, “I just said about my Haryana that my Haryana is recovering … well …

Harshita had said in her video, “I just said about my Haryana that my Haryana is recovering … well … Personally, I did not abuse … nor my personal person is hostile to anyone. .. okay … still, some people are trying to threaten me by the artists of this industry of Haryana. By phone that compromise … Deleting audio-video with love … and neither sees what will happen to you … okay … and in a short while I will put that number in the screenshot Everything on Facebook … then you will know whose number is … Check it on the checklist … and I will also write the composition of that band … and I will also tell her name in the last. Then you all will know who was the one who threatened your sister. The thing was that I did not say anything wrong. Whatever your sister told the truth … rightly talked about her heart … still, people started threatening. We are not afraid If we come live and talk about something wrong, then it is going wrong and the second thing I have said on the phone is that you can do as much as possible. I do not remove your live video … Delete the live video which is so hearty in Jureni and Jatani … Jatani is not afraid to die.



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