Happy Raksha Bandhan: The Pakistani sister of PM Modi, Qamar Mohsin Shaikh tying him Rakhi for 36 years


A woman of Pakistani origin named Qamar Mohsin Shaikh claims that he tied Rakhi to Narendra Modi over the past 36 years. Speaking to ANI’s Qamar told for the last 35-36 years have been tying Rakhi to Narendra brother, this time I will also tie. Qamar came to India from Pakistan after marriage and has been staying here since then. Qamar told that he had felt that this time maybe PM Modi would be busy but Modi had called him two days earlier. Qamar is very happy to think of tying rakhi even this year. The old days recalled Qamar said that his first meet of Modi was when he was a member of the National Self Sangh (RSS). Qamar said when i tied rakhi for Narendrabhai for the first time when he used to be a union worker. But his hard work and thinking of thinking helped him to become a PM.

Qamar told that when he came to India from Pakistan, there was no relative besides his in-laws. At the same time, She met with Narendra Modi. While referring to Modi’s first meeting, Qamar said, “I had met him in Delhi for the first time, in those days my husband, who was a painter, had come here with him, I talked to him, I had a good deal of his attitude. He asked me with great love, how are you sister? Since then, I have become his sister. ‘
But Modi’s hand will not be the only Rakhi of Qamar. Widowed women living in the 500-year-old Gopinath temple of Vrindavan will come to Delhi and build Rakhi on Modi’s hand. There are about 1000 windows in the temple. It was told from the temple that five women there would reach Delhi by tying Rakhi to Modi. They will hand over more than 1000 bound Rakhi Modi to hand.



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