Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s health worsened in Rohtak Jail


There has been a recent news that Ram Rahim, who has been locked up in Sunaria jail, has been diagnosed. Ram Rahim could be admitted to PGI Hospital at Rohtak after getting worse. The police have to drill the mock to deal with the situation of carrying PGI from jail. Lights of the day or dark of night 24 hours are being closely monitored around Rohtak Police Prison. Indeed, Ram Rahim is locked inside this jail.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim got a new identity as soon as he reached the Sunaria jail, ie prisoner number 1997. Security arrangements have been tightened around the Sunaria Jail, with Gurmeet Ram Rahim, locked in jail. There is no permission to go to any ordinary person or vehicle on the side of the prison. Vehicles of jail staff are also checked first and then they are being allowed to go in. Every road going towards the jail has been closed and closed for about one kilometer before it. Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim lost all the luxury of the jail when he came in the walled city.

According to sources, due to which the health of Gurmeet Ram Rahim is also going a little unsteady. Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim is given medical checkup twice a day. According to sources, if suddenly the prisoner number 1997 ie Gurmeet Ram Rahim is poor, then a mock drill was also made about how and how to reach the Rohtak PG Hospital at Rohtak safely between the ambulance. It is reported that if Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s condition is worse, then the room number of Ward Number 24 in Rohtak PGI Hospital has been fixed 105. Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s fear of deterioration of the health of a doctor has also been prepared.



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