Gurmeet Ram Rahim Says While Crying I will not go anywhere


Rohtak: CBI court convicted Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in the Sadhvi Rape case has been sentenced to 20 years rigorous imprisonment. Upon hearing the punishment, Ram Rahim started crying on the floor. He refused to go to the court room and cried saying that I will not go anywhere. At the same time, Ram Rahim did not have any impact on the jail officials and he was forcibly taken from the court room.

Let us first tell that the two sides kept their arguments about the punishment. For the cross examination of the CBI and Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s lawyer, the judge gave 10-10 minutes time. CBI counsel said that Ram Rahim should be punished for life imprisonment. At the same time, the lawyers of Ram Rahim had argued that Ram Rahim is a social worker and he has done good work for the people, so be gentle with them. Subsequently, the CBI court heard the rapist Baba Ram Rahim guilty for 20 years.

Ram Rahim resisting in front of judge

This punishment was found by the person who used to call himself God and exploited the Sadhvi in his tent. This is the person who claimed to change the fate of millions of people, but today in the court room he was shaking his feet and hearing tears in his eyes and he was waiting for the judge that the judge should forgive me but the judge Has heard the rapist Baba Ram Rahim ten years of punishment.

Fancy dresser in dera will wear Jail uniform from today

Ram Rahim has been given medical treatment after being sentenced and now he is being given a prison uniform. Baba, wearing a fancy dress in his tent, will wear a uniform of jail from today and he will be stuck in a dungeon. Even after the punishment was pronounced, Baba continued to play dramas in the court room and he was constantly crying. Even though his medical was done, he did not even know that … he came here so far that he had to forcibly take him from the court room.



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