Govt. Creating Civil War Like Situation Over NRC Draft: Mamata Banerjee


Banerjee had earlier said the with Assam’s National Register of Citizens (NRC) the government is trying to create a civil war-like situation in the region and there will be a bloodbath.

Assam government lately released a final draft of NRC risking forty lakh peole in the state to lose their voting rights.

Addressing to the media Shah said, “The threat of civil war has already once divided this country. What is she trying to say? Trinamool Congress should come forward and clear its stand.”

He added all other political parties should clarify their stands on the issue of such illegal immigrants from Bangladesh in India.

Congress leader Manish Tewari meanwhile has to ask the motives of government in releasing the NRC list draft.

Later Bengal CM met Union home minister Rajnath Singh, who assured no one will be harassed in the process and adequate opportunity will be given to prove.

Banerjee confirmed the same saying either amendment of the bill or bringing new bill has been proposed by her.

Accusing the government BSP supremo Mayawati said it is unfair with those immigrants who are unable to furnish proofs about their citizenship.

The former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh further added, “Most of these affected people are Bengali Muslims and linguistic minorities speaking Bangla but non-Muslims.”



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