Gorakhpur Deaths: Role Of Oxygen Vendor To Be Probed, UP CM Says


Lucknow: UP Yogi Adityanath expressed condolences over the deaths of children at the BRD College of Gorakhpur, saying that the culprits will not be spared. The Yogi also defended the government. CM also questioned the different data on deaths in the media. CM said that tackling encephalitis is a big challenge. He also said that the role of the oxygen supply firm will also be examined.

About 24 hours after the accident, the Yogi who came in front of the media said, “I have visited BRD Hospital on 9th July and 9th August. Talked to hospital administration about the problem of the hospital and its solution and also took action against the deficiencies. During this time nobody gave me any information about the lack of oxygen in the hospital. If deaths were due to the lack of oxygen, then it is a heinous crime. ‘

CM also presented the figure of deaths of children in the last 5 days. He said that on August 7, 9 deaths have occurred. All these deaths are due to different reasons. He said that if the oxygen supply is interrupted then the role of the supplier, in this case, will also be decided. A probe committee has been formed under the leadership of the Chief Secretary to investigate the matter.

Yogi said, ‘Suppliers’ role is being investigated. The previous government gave the contract to the supplier for 8 years for oxygen supply. There has been some action in the Gorakhpur incident. If someone else is found guilty then there is no question of sparing him too. In August, encephalitis emerges. There is an outbreak of encephalitis in 34 districts of UP. In BRD Hospital, children not only from UP but also from Bihar and Nepal also come. Free treatment is available in the hospital. CM said that the Union Minister’s Minister, Anupriya Patel will go to Gorakhpur on Sunday.

Union Minister Patel present at the press conference said that the central government is ready to give full support to the state. PM Narendra Modi is very unhappy with the death of children. The principal of the college has been suspended. The UP Government will submit its report to the Center. I will also give my Report to the Center.



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