What Found during 10 hours Search operation in Ram Rahim Dera Know Here


Sirsa: There are so many things found in the search operation that lasted for 10 hours in Sirsa’s Dera Sacha Sauda complex this morning, which is enough to prove that Ram Rahim has many mysteries in this world prepared. It is said that Ram Rahim used to create many kinds of occasions to trap people in their hoax. To make his impact on young children, this rapist Baba used to make many mockeries. Ram Rahim used to claim that he kept the period under control and kept black sculptures on his gate and tightened it with chains. According to the latest news, a total of 5 people have been rescued from the camp so far, of which 2 are minors.

A luxury car and an old currency note with no registration plate were recovered during the search of the Deira True Deal headquarters of Sirsa. This information was given by an official. An intensive search of Headquarters of Dera Sacha Sauda is being held in which security forces and district officials are participating. Some rooms have been sealed and hard disk drives and non-level medicines have been recovered. Rings made of gemstones, 1500 pair shoes and 1 thousand sets of fabric were seized. This information was given by Satish Mehra, Deputy Director, Haryana Public Relations department, whom the administration has authorized to talk to the media.

They said, “Some rooms have been sealed, computers and hard disk drives, unregistered Lexus car, one OB van, closed notes of seven thousand rupees, cash of Rs. 12 thousand and cashless pharmaceutical drugs recovered in the materials. Are included. Mehra said that the forensic team has reached Karnal and Sonepat from Sirsa while forensic experts have also been called from Roorkee in Uttarakhand. The news of plastic coins found during the search was not confirmed.

Videography of process started at 8 o’clock in the morning. District Sessions Judge A. Of s. Pawar is monitoring it, which was appointed by the Punjab and Haryana High Court as the court commissioner on Tuesday to oversee the process. Curfew is still on the roads leading to Dera headquarters. No person is allowed to go to the campus without permission. Dera, spread over 800 acres, is divided into ten zones for the purpose of the search, in which every zone is under the control of a senior official. In the Sirsa district, mobile internet services are closed till September 10 so that there is no rumor about the campaign and the problem of law and order can be prevented.



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