Former DGP of Assam now teaches Mathematics at Guwahati School

Mukesh Sahay
Former DGP of Assam now teaches Mathematics at Guwahati School

Former DGP of Assam now teaches Mathematics at Guwahati School. After serving for thirty-four years as a Police Officer with the Indian Police Forces, Mukesh Sahay, a recently retired DGP (Director General of Police) of Assam joined a school to teach to fulfil his passion of imparting knowledge to others.

Starting from a former IPS officer to a mathematics teacher at a government school, DGP, Mukesh Sahay’s story is bound to inspire many people.

Sahay retired as a Director General of Police on 30th April 2018. After his retirement, he immediately joined Sonaram Higher Secondary School in Guwahati as a mathematics teacher. Sahay’s new appointment as a teacher is a great shift from the post-retirement activities.

Sahay said in an interview that after his retirement, he wanted to do something for his happiness. It will help him to keep him active as well as he will be able to recall his memories by teaching.

Actually, this was his sudden plan to join the school. This is because at last he was invited to be the chief guest of the school in one of its functions. It was only when he got to know that there was no mathematics teacher available in the school since two years. That is when he decided to join the school.

Mukesh Sahay teaches mathematics to the class XII students in the Sonaram School of Guwahati. He said he takes just one class a day, the duration of which ranges from one hour to two hours. He further said that there is no point in taking too many classes until and unless the students develop an interest in the particular subject. The students have to first develop much interest. Some of the students are doing very well whereas it will be too much early to tell the result of the outcome. He said he is very happy that the students are taking interest in the subject.

The qualification of the retired Director General of Police is M.Sc in physics, statistics and mathematics. Not only this, he further earned a degree in law when was with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Sahay said’ “I was one of the few officers who had helped set up the CBI training academy in Ghaziabad which is now a centre of excellence. During that period, I underwent a training in India as well as abroad to become a police trainer. What I am doing now is not teaching but helping people understand a subject.”



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