Farmers’ strike pushed up the prices of commodities

farmers on strike
Farmers' strike pushed up the prices of commodities

Farmers’ strike pushed up the prices of commodities in India. The situation became worse when two farmers committed suicide in the state of Madhya Pradesh which resulted in a severe agrarian crisis.

The main reason behind committing suicide is due to the ongoing debt. The suicide case has drawn attention in the almost entire country which caused the agrarian crisis. The local farmers of central and northern India declared ‘gaon bandh’ or ‘farmers’strike’ which entered its second day.

The ongoing bandh has pushed up the prices of the vegetables in various cities. The strike is still going to continue till 5th of June.

Whereas due to this ongoing strike, the opposition political parties are taking advantages of it. Congress leader spoke in solidarity with the farmers while BJP leaders declared it as a useless media stunts.

Each and every year, thousands and thousands of farmers commit suicides. This year in the Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh, a farmer named Dhannalal Bopchey consumed poison on 1st June. He was immediately taken to a hospital but unfortunately, he was declared dead. Balaghat district is the home district of State’s Agriculture Minister Gaurishankar Bisen.

The local police officials said that the farmer had a loan worth Rs 1.5 lakh. Whereas, a farmer named Jaipal Singh who is of 55 year old died due to the over-consumption of pesticides.

Not only Madhya Pradesh, the farmers of Bihar and Patna have also declared the strike. On Haryana strike, Manohar Lal Khattar,  Chief Minister of Haryana said, “Farmers are unnecessarily protesting. Not selling vegetables and milk would only result in their loss.”

Whereas Rahul Gandhi tweeted by saying, “Everyday, 35 farmers in our country commit suicide. Our farmer brothers are forced to go on a 10-day strike to draw the central government’s attention towards the agrarian crisis.” He further said that the ongoing strike is the affirmation of the Kisan virodhi policies.

Due to this ongoing agitation and strikes, the prices of the vegetables and pulses pushed up in various cities of Haryana, Punjab as well as Madhya Pradesh. Surprisingly, in the Madhya Pradesh a milk federation manager has wasted 3300 litres of milk on Friday.

In Haryana, the local farmers said that the prices of vegetables are going rise up. As for example, the tomato was being sold between Rs 10-12 per kg a couple of days ago has risen up to Rs 20-25 per kg.

Reports also said that the farmers and the suppliers have protested to prevent the supply of vegetables entering various cities.



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