Facebook is removing rohingya workers accounts and post’s


SAN FRANCISCO / NEW DELHI: Facebook is removing the posts of social activists, who have been writing on “ethnic violence” of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, and are suspending till the accounts of these workers. Social workers have said that their account is being closed or the post is being removed. He said that he hopes that Facebook will let them speak the truth.

Myanmar Rohingya considers Muslims to be illegal immigrants from Bangladesh whereas Bangladesh considers them a citizen of Myanmar.

The Myanmar government does not use the word ‘Rohingya’ and does not recognize them as an official race, which means that they have not been given citizenship and which means that Rohingya has become a countryless way.

Facebook spokesman Ruchika Budraja told Emit Post on Wednesday, “We want Facebook to be a place where people share things reliably. We make the right balance between empowering the expression and also providing safe and respectable experience. Are working hard. ”

“In the context of Myanmar situation, we are carefully reviewing the material according to our community standards,” said Budhrajaja.

A worker who used to be named Rahim said that apart from closing down his account, Facebook also removes his personal post on Rohingya refugees. After the post was removed, Facebook’s message says, “We have removed this post because it does not comply with Facebook’s community standards.” There have been many such incidents in Myanmar.



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