Even in expensive school, Children’s are not safe, how long will Parents Cry?


New Delhi: Following the killing of seven-year-old child Pradhuman Thakur in Guru gram’s school Near Delhi, the administration has taken strong action against the Ryan International School and has suspended the principal and the school will not be opened until the children are protected from school. A committee of DM and DEO has been constituted to investigate the entire matter. But the biggest question is how long will the death of innocents die in school? The conductor of the accused school bus has been arrested after the murder of Pradhuman Thakur, who was studying in second class. In the interrogation, the accused conductor has accepted his crime, but think of the parents whose home lamp was quenched for ever. The question is, why do parents send their children to such a large school? After the murder of the innocent, the other parents had furiously at the school campus yesterday. Even today, these parents have gathered outside the school and are showing their resentment

Pradhuman Thakur’s mother is repeatedly raising the question that what happened in just five minutes that her son was murdered. Seven-year-old Pradhuman Thakur used to study in the second class of the school. Just after leaving his school, his father had just reached the house that a phone call from the school that Pradyumna fell to the bathroom. Get to the hospital, go there and find out. When Pradhuman father reached the hospital, it came to know that his son was murdered.

According to the police, after the children were taken off the bus at around 8 in the morning, the conductor went to the toilet of Ashok School where it saw the innocent Pradhuman Thakur. The police say that Ashok tried to forcefully with Pradhuman Thakur but Pradhuman Thakur made noises. Fearing to be caught, Ashok slaughtered the child with a knife. Ashok is investigating the criminal records. There are also clues from CCTV. The investigation of the school’s negligence is going on.

Questions on murder?

  • How did the bus conductor go into the children’s toilet?
  • Where did the knife come?
  • Did the conductor already come up with a plan of murder?
  • Why was not a clean worker outside toilet?
  • Was anyone else involved with the conductor in this murder?

The member of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights also admitted that there is a lot of irregularities in the school. Police verification of any staff has not been made. In such a case, the question arises that why so far no case has been registered against the school. Is not the school responsible for killing innocent people? DCP Comptroller Simdeep Singh, who is monitoring the whole matter, has confirmed the arrest of the accused Ashok. On the other hand, according to DGP BS Sandhu, the report has been sought from Gurigram police in this case.



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