Due to Less Studied Rahim will have to do this Work


Chandigarh, State Bureau / JNN In the case of sexual exploitation, the first night in the jail of Gurmeet Ram Rahim, chief of Dera Sacha Sauda, who was sentenced to 20 years in jail, has passed. According to media reports, Ram Rahim stayed awake all night in Barak. Walking around in the barracks he could not sleep. Gurmeet was given 4 chapati and vegetable in the meal, but he only consumed half roti and vegetables. Ram Rahim was given the prison number 8647 by the jail administration.

Ram Rahim, who created assets worth billions while working in Dera, will have to work in the factory with Gardner and 40 rupees will be given daily wages. On Monday afternoon, the special CBI court sent Ramrarham to 20 years in jail in Rohtak. After hearing the punishment, Ram Rahim sat on the floor and apologized.

Ram Rahim will remain among eight gangster gangs, 50 punkers

Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim will now be among the more than fifty criminals of eight gangster gangs in Sunaria Jail after the decision of 20 years sentence. For safety reasons, he will be kept in a jail cell instead of the barrack. In Barrack, 60 and 3 to 5 prisoners can be kept in the cell.

Dera Cheif is Less Studied

Since the head of the Dera is less studied, so she will be given Labour work (wages). Whether he is fit for labour work or not a medical examination will be done. If the doctors told him to be fit, then he could work as a carpenter in the prison management factory, work in the cottage and armchair, make horticulture or bakery in the bakery. His duty to work will be from 8 am to 4 pm in the morning. Ram Rahim has studied till ninth.

Whether Dera chief would like to work or not, it will depend on his will. In case of work, there is a provision to grant exemption to any prisoner in the prescribed sentence. On Tuesday, the head of the Dera will be presented to the jailer. Only then will the prisoner number be aloted. So far her hawala number was 1997. The Harmony Register and Prisoner Register are different. The capacity of prisoners in Sunaria jail is around 1400.

Like the common prisoners in the morning, the Dera chief will also get tea and bread. There is a provision for giving five roti and one pulse in the afternoon. 250 grams of milk will be found in the day. In the evening, tea and dinner will be available in five roti and a vegetable meal. There is no arrangement for giving milk or tea at any other time.

 Will wear white clothes

According to the prison manual, the chief of Dera chief will also wear white clothes like a common prisoner. The clothes she has taken with her will not be allowed to be taken in jail. Generally the influential prisoners are wearing their own white clothes in prison, but to avoid media trials, jail management will not allow Dera chief to wear her own clothes. The lawyers of the Dera chief have applied for a replacement for their jail, so their jail can be changed in the long run.



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