Doctors quarrels at the operation theater in Jodhpur Hospital

jodhpur hospital

Jodhpur: The Rajasthan High Court has summoned the report regarding two doctors fighting in the operation theater during Operation of Women patient in Jodhpur Hospital. The High Court has asked the government to hand over the report to the dispute. This fight of doctors is from Jodhpur’s largest Umaid hospital where the operation of a pregnant woman was to be done. But in the operation theater, two doctors became alarmed.

Taking this seriously, the state government stopped doctors from working in the operation theater. The video of this phenomenon of yours-I have also appeared in front of the doctors. This video is from the Operation Theater in Maitranti Ward of Umaid Hospital, where during the operation of a female patient, you have become the only two doctors in Operation Theater. According to the questions, the debate has increased so much that the female patient’s child is in the stomach Only died In this case, the Rajasthan High Court has summoned the report regarding two doctors who have quarreled.

This video of a dispute between doctors in Umaid Hospital is Tuesday. It is clear in the video that a woman is lying on the table in Operation Theater. A team of doctors and nursing staff is doing her surgery. At the same time, the doctors of Ashok Nainiwal and the gynecology department wearing the green gown started calling for anesthesia Incharge Dr. ML Taka. Seeing these arguments increased a lot. Both doctors quit the operation and began to threaten each other with anomalies. Both of them gave abuses to each other.

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