Dk Wanted To Please Delhi Bosses But Ended Up Angering The Centre


New Delhi: The political gimmicks of Karnataka minister DK Shivkumar, who is called Congress troubleshooters, made him “play bad”. By working to secure 44 Congress MLAsof  Gujarat in Bangalore, they wanted to make the Congress high command ‘happy’ but by doing so, they came to the ‘eye’ of the Center. The special thing is that Shivkumar took this responsibility without talking to other leaders of the state Congress. Meanwhile, the news is also coming that the investigation against DK can now be taken in the hands of the Enforcement Directorate, which is bound to increase their problems.

At around 2 pm on Wednesday night, the police’s transit van passed through

Sadashivnagar (DK Shivkumar’s area) and saw some people roaming in ‘suspicious form’ in the tourist cars. After some time the carts disappeared from the area. About 3 hours later these ‘suspected’ people came back. This time he was with CRPF jawans and knocked on the team at the door of DK Shivkumar’s house. Actually, these IT departments were people who came here for the raid. The raids brought the boil to the state of Karnataka from Delhi. On Thursday, the continuation of the income tax on Shivkumar’s house continued.

The question is being raised why DK Shivkumar took the responsibility of keeping the 44 Congress MLAs safe. Actually, Shiv Kumar did not hide his political ambition to become CM of Karnataka. He also felt that he could fulfill his position by becoming the party’s state president, but it is said that due to some ongoing matters against him, he was asked to become the President of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) two months ago. Had to retreat. In such a situation, when the challenge of keeping Gujarat MLAs safe in front of the Congress high command, Shiv Kumar used it to fulfill his ambitions. He went ahead and took this responsibility himself, whereas Congress had made the intention of giving this responsibility to any industrialist named Goyal. Shivakumar felt that if he was able to do this work he could get a big role in the party.

A minister of Siddaramaiah government told our associate newspaper Bangalore Mirror, “After the crisis in Gujarat, the leaders of the community did not seek any help from Karnataka Congress leaders. He had approached Goyal, an industrialist of Gujarati origin in Bengaluru and had told him that he should arrange for a private resort for the stay of the legislators, but Shiv Kumar did not delay taking this opportunity. No leader from the state Congress was taking interest in this work, but Shiv Kumar spoke of making arrangements for himself. There was no need for it. It is natural that this gave BJP an opportunity. ‘

Shivkumar has been doing many types of work for the Congress. They have been working to mobilize crowds as well as raise funds. He has always worked in the event of a crisis in the party. His success story has also been extraordinary. Growing up in a poor family, Shivkumar has business from real estate to energy sector today. He also intervenes in cooperative societies and sugar mills. Knowledgeable states that their empire is of thousands of crores. He is India’s second richest minister.

Another leader of the state Congress said on condition of anonymity that the income tax department could raid Shivkumar in any case. He said, “If they had not kept the Gujarat Congress MLAs in their residences, they would still have to raid them because the IT department has been engaged against them for the past few months. He was summoned by informal officials of the ED in Delhi informally. After this, a few months ago, his colleagues and some business ventures were raided. The same order has been raided in Sadashivnagar.

A former minister has even said that Shivkumar is going to water the entire exercise because the Congress MLAs who have been brought to Bangalore, he will eventually go with Shankersinh Vaghela. He said, ‘More than half of them are mental with Vaghela. Others have made up their mind to go with BJP. They are living here for just formalities. ‘

Meanwhile, a source from the ED confirmed that the investigating agency officials are satisfied with the evidence related to the case and can go to the official Shiv Kumar’s house on Friday. A person named Guruprasad has also complained to the ED officials in writing against Shivkumar. Gurprasad is the resident of Ramnagar, Shivakumar’s home district.



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