Dengue Death: Patient Died Due to Fortis Hospital Negligence


Dengue cases are rising in India and poor medical facilities make it even worse. Those who can afford a proper treatment are also facing difficulties despite paying huge amounts. For those, who cannot afford such hospitals are finding their own ways to survive the deadly disease. A recent report of Dengue death was not new but, the amount charged for the treatment made everyone suspicious about the Fortis Hospital.

People soon began questioning the number as it seemed beyond imagination and highly irrational for a Dengue treatment. This incident first appeared on Twitter, where someone had shared the exact details about the fees that Fortis hospital asked the father of the patient. Mr. Jayant Singh is the father of the patient. he narrated his story to a friend and soon the news went viral on the Twitter. The media picked it up from the Twitter, where everyone expressed concern about the medical negligence and theft.

The Story Of Dengue Death So Far

When media began the investigations on the story and found it to be true. Media asked for answers from the Hospital. They are one of the biggest healthcare chains in India, and in the world, having many hospitals outside India. People on twitter narrated their painful stories with different hospitals, all leading to the same outcome of medical negligence and planned loot.

Meanwhile, another case at Max hospital in Delhi emerged which was of similar nature. The Max hospital case soon reached a point where their license was cancelled by the Delhi government. They have found themselves in the lurch along with patients and staffs. The hospital’s current patient has to look for alternatives because the Max hospital’s license has been cancelled.

These two recent examples paint the true picture of the Indian private medical facilities, who have become too big for its patients. Haryana government set up an inquiry committee to find out the reason behind the Dengue death at the Fortis hospital. The committee recently submitted its report, which found severe medical negligence by the hospital. The hospital has charged an enormous amount of fees for normal medical procedures and provided the wrong figure about the medical facilities used in the treatment.

The Current Situation of the Dengue Case

The Dengue Death has been a concern for many Indian states, and this particular case presents one of the many reasons for it. When the top hospitals are found to be involved in such medical malpractices, no one can even imagine the situation of the smaller healthcare clinics in smaller towns and cities.

People are dealing with this kind of medical negligence for a long time, where after paying a huge amount of money for treatment they are not able to access the proper care. The steps taken by the Delhi Government of cancelling the license is not the long-term solution to this epidemic problem, which is embedded in the mindset of Indian healthcare facilities. Earning profits is the main concern after the patient finally rests in peace.



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