Delhi Police Arrests India’s Bin Laden, Accused In Many Terror Activities

The sponsor of these organisations has been found to be linked to the many influential families in Saudi Arabia, who are also blackmailed


Finally, Delhi Police has arrested the Abdul Subhan Qureshi, who is the mastermind of the many blasts that have taken place in India. He was caught by the Delhi police after an encounter in Gazipur. The involvement in the terrorist activity is only one of its crime. Reviving the banned SIMI and IM organisations were his main agenda and collecting funds for these was what he always tried. Fled to Nepal after Gujarat Bomb Blast and lived there until 2015.

The sponsor of these organisations has been found to be linked to the many influential families in Saudi Arabia, who are also blackmailed. They aim to radicalise the youth in the Indian territory citing the issue of the Kashmir and Godhara and Babari. These Organisations continue to operate overseas and find funds to survive their agendas. The question of ideology appears in their speeches, which they manipulate to gain sympathy from the gullible youth.

The links of him in the Gujarat blast was clear but before that through Bihar Nepal border, he ran out of the country. according to the media reports, police quoted that he has visited India thrice since then but was unable to be caught. This time Delhi Police made no mistakes. Recently, another accused related to the case has been arrested by the Indore Police.

Delhi Police

The arrest of this terrorist, who according to the media report is certified Microsoft professional and has pursued industrial electronics, will bring down the group behind the terrorist activities. He is suspect in Mumbai Bomb Blast case too, which the authorities think could lead to many other clues about his involvement in the top terrorist activities in India.

There cannot be any tolerance regarding these kind activities. The International community has joined hand against the terror on many occasions and arrest by the Delhi Police will act as a step in that direction.

India on multiple occasion has made its stand clear on the zero tolerance of the terror funding channels. The Abdul Subhan Qureshi was planning to visit Riyadh to generate funds for reviving sleeper cells in the Indian territory.

The move which was known to the authorities and his other involvement in the other terrorist activities has led to his arrest. According to the media reports, Delhi Police claims it to be a big success and it will open up and speed up the other Blast cases, which is still pending or the accused is absconding. he was caught when he decided to meet with his old SIMI sympathisers.

It is also a supporting structure which helps the terrorist in doing their nefarious activities under their influence in favour of achieving something important, which ultimately is nothing. The police and the investigation bureau is under constant lookout for many another terrorist who is still absconding.



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