Delhi Offers Free Public Transport To Women


It is learned about 30 percent of the 40 lakh commuters in state-run buses are women. Delhi government cites high prices of the public transports are making travel expensive for many.

The chief minister added will be releasing a detailed plan soon about how the proposal will be implemented.

He said, “We’re making an effort to start this within 2-3 months. We’re also seeking suggestions from people, regarding its implementation.”

Kejriwal further added the investment by Delhi government in making traveling free for women is to enhance their security.

However, the CM urged women to avoid taking the subsidies if the travel expenses are affordable so that others who are financially weaker can utilize it.

Kejriwal said, “This subsidy will not be imposed on anyone. There are women who can afford these modes of transport… they can purchase tickets.”

The Delhi government saw a sharp drop in vote percentage in the recent Lok Sabha elections and this could be the reason the luring offer is being announced.

But Kejriwal said the new plan has nothing to do with outcome of the election.



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