Delhi Air Pollution Update: Live report on the ISSUE OF THE DAY

delhi air pollution levels under odd even scheme

Delhi – The capital of India, The proud of India, The prestige of India. That prestige is currently covered under a cloud of dense smoke. Smoke caused by political negligence, Smoke caused by government failure and smoke caused by citizen foolishness. Bringing on the Issue of the Day; let me introduce you to the harsh reality of Delhi Air Pollution Update. The pollution level in Delhi has raised equivalent to smoking 50 cigarettes a day. One does not need to study rocket science to understand its dangerously harsh effects on the health of citizens residing in Delhi Air Pollution.

“BBC Weather” – A leading weather report agency recently tweeted present climatic conditions of this city. The tweet was made live at 3:39 PM on 9th November 2017. It stated that the pollutants level in #DelhiSmog is equal to smoking 50 cigarettes a day. Every citizen of the capital is forced to inhale this toxic air.

Social Workers distribute masks amidst Delhi Air Pollution

Government attempts to help the situation are typical. The Kejriwal Government in the state is blaming the issue on Central government and the center is thrashing it back to State government. Their real attempts at minimizing Delhi Smog levels are no more than a drop of water in a river.

The Delhi Air Pollution live update recorders could be seen in facial masks. According to a recent release, Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is experiencing 100% increment in respiratory disorder patients in its OPD since this Diwali. Social workers, political parties, and NGOs are distributing masks in order to help civilians.

Odd-Even Rule: A game of shadows

The Odd-Even Rule concept introduced by CM Arvind Kejriwal has become a fun game for political theatre. The state government under Kejriwal’s guidance is constantly attempting to re-implement the Odd-Even concept. Whereas, NGT and few other parties are delaying even this attempt. It is surely one of a few government attempts at bringing down Delhi Air Pollution levels. NGT is to examine Kejriwal’s decision of Odd-Even scheme at 2 pm on 10th November. The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has also demanded the records of climate change during earlier implementations of this scheme.

What Experts Say on Delhi Air Pollution Live Update

Clearly, the air pollution levels in the state are no more clear to breathe. The pollutant levels in the air are high enough to cause damage to your lungs equivalent to 50 cigarettes a day. Residents in Delhi are living this scenario since last 20 days. Even after Supreme Court’s guidelines on firecrackers and celebration during Diwali time, citizens of Delhi and NCR region burnt more than the sufficient number of firecrackers. This became a major factor in dangerous increment of Delhi air pollution levels.

A prominent weather reporting agency- Down To Earth released a study report on what is causing Delhi Smog. The organization has released its records on the factors causing PM 2.5 pollutants and NOx pollutants in Delhi Air Pollution. The report states that Road dust is causing 38% of PM 2.5 pollutants whereas Vehicles are responsible for 20% of it. Vehicles are also responsible for 36% of NOx pollutants in the air.

Probably shutting down all transportation vehicles in the state for a limited time could help reduce Delhi Smog levels. The solution is not very practical but why can’t we do so? Expert Pollution controllers advise complete transportation shut down for some time. Maybe this could help when the responsible for this issue are sitting folding their hands on the chair. EmitPost Team requests citizens of Delhi to quit private vehicles and choose to travel through Delhi Metro for at least a week. Let this post do not shut at just being an ISSUE OF THE DAY, let these words make a positive social impact.



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