Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches 2,788 In China


The death toll in Coronavirus outbreak in China has reached 2,788 amid criticisms to health officials that the outbreak would have been less severe if proper actions were taken initially when first case was confirmed.

On Thursday forty-four people were reported dead of 327 confirmed cases and they were mostly from the epicentre Hubei province.

The total number of confirmed cases in mainland China has reached 78,824.

Chinese officials are being criticized for hiding the disease initially in December when the first outbreak was surfaced. By mid-January this year the epidemic became severe. People are calling for improved decision-making process as several top-down authorities have started shifting blame on each other.

Leading epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan said SARS, MERS and Coronavirus outbreak in the 21st century has offered a lesson to the world how to quickly act in preventing spread of such epidemics.

He added, “The epidemic would have been much less severe if we took strict control measures in early December, even early January.”

The CDC system in China has limited standing and it is believed more importance should be given to the department to fight with such outbreak in future.

China had set up a top-down reporting system after the outbreak of SARS in 2002-03 on such infectious diseases at a cost of USD 104 million but it appears the system has failed in raising alarm.

The first confirmed case was reported on December 8 of 65-year-old male.



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