Controversial Statements Of The BJP Politicians , This Year Found Its Leaders

The controversial statements by the BJP members are nothing new for the Indian public. They are known for making irresponsible statements which are defamatory and derogatory in every aspect. The unawareness about the way how a democracy functions or powers they have in their hand is unfortunate since that is least of what is expected of them as an elected representative in the Indian state.

They are believed to live in a state of denial of the current reality of politics of the state. But, many suggest they are always in sync with the situation which demands a particular kind of reaction to satisfy their political base. The controversial statements are only a tip of the iceberg, the reality of their true self is darker and sinister. They cannot bring themselves up to changing times of the society which has progressed.

The Outcome of statements

If only one could think of reasons why such statements are made in the first place, everyone would be at peace. The few of the statements could act as a reminder for someone who thinks there is a rational leader in the political spectrum.

Recently, union minister of state for home Hansraj hair was attending an inaugural of a generic medicine counter at government medical college and hospital at Chandrapur, where he said the absentee doctors should join Naxals because they do not believe in the democracy. He further added that they would be shot once they join Naxalbecause as minister of the home he knows about all these things. the function was organized on the birth anniversary of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He later clarified that he will tweet about the matter once he reaches the Delhi. According to media reports, the state functionaries said they were unaware of the Minister’s visit.

Another incident involves the BJP MLA from Rajasthan, Mr. Gyandev Ahuja, who is not new of making controversial statements. Recently, he commented that those who indulge in the Cow Slaughtering and Cow smuggling will die. The statements made by him has created controversy in all quarters of the society. He also made an infamous comment about the Jawahar Lal university when the JNU controversy was on its peak.

He said that JNU has become Hub for sex and drugs. The statements reflect the mindset of the derogation, insult and irresponsibility. They forget that they live in the democratic nation where the law of the lands holds true for any violation of the human rights. And, it is not only BJP that has found itself in the circumstances like these, there are multiple leaders from every party who have such mindset. They speak at the time when they are needed least. The other part of the story is the media which plays its responsible role in broadcasting statements like these. Not only they risk their credibility, but also the true worth of their work which demands speaking truth to the power. There are still lessons to be learned from the speculative and irresponsible behavior of the Politicians.



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