Congress Welcomes Rahul Gandhi As “Lord Ram”, FIR Lodged By BJP


Rahul Gandhi as Ram and Narendra Modi as Ravana, Congress tried their best to welcome Mr. Gandhi on his first visit to his parliamentary constituency after becoming Congress Vice President. The Congress leader, Mr. Ram Shankar Shukla, who put up the Poster has come under direct attack by the BJP, which allegedly have also lodged an FIR against him.

Congress held many meeting with top leaders in the Lucknow and Rae Bareli to welcome Mr. Rahul Gandhi has been a top performer for the Congress since a few years where he has been directly attacking each policy of the government in the house and outside the house.

The twitter saga to Modi’s Hugoplomacy to Arun Jaitley, each move has been orchestrated carefully integrating social media as a key tool for delivering a perfect reply to the central government ruling party. BJP, on the other hand, has always been in its top game, countering each move of Congress directly everywhere from Online and offline.

The marketing plan of both the parties vary widely but recent growth in the Congress strategy seems to make this battle more interesting. Congres avoided itself with the social media where BJP made early headwinds to control much of the territory before other parties could follow.

But, recently Congress and other parties have decided to launch full force against the BJP. The Poster put up by the Congress party stated that as the Rahul comes to the power in 2019, Rahulraaj will come as Raam Raaj had come in Ramayana. This did not help any of them. A more Recent controversy erupted in Himachal Pradesh, where a Congress MLA manhandled a Police Woman, later when she got a fitting reply from the Policewoman.

This also did not go down well with Congress leader, who mentioned that nobody should consider themselves above the law and it is very bad if anyone does that.

Rahul Gandhi In UP

Incidents like these help no one but put up a bad face on the organization in front of the people, citing a bad behaviour by party leaders.Congress party had planned a grand welcome for the Rahul Gandhi, but it seems that it already been a bad start.

He was scheduled to visit five constituencies to meet the people and the party workers to discuss future plans for the 2019 General election. Since having performed badly in the last election, they are preparing early to better prepare themselves to win the next election. They are already looking for various points where they can fight and attack the other parties.

The grand welcome of the Rahul Gandhi, prepared by the Uttar Pradesh Congress Party chief Raj Babbar did not work as planned due to the particular incident. Whatever the reason, the Congress is bound to make it a success by bringing best welcome of its Leader. We are yet to see the result of the FIR, how it pans out in the party. As there is no any statement from the party. Who will win the election is in people’s hands.



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