Congress Manifesto promises Petrol will be Rs. 10 Cheaper


Ahmedabad. Congress has released a manifesto for Gujarat. The Congress has made many big promises to the people of Gujarat in this 100-page manifests. In this, there are breathtaking promises of up to Rs 10 a liter of petrol and loan forgiveness from farmers. The party says that VAT will be reduced to Rs 10 by the price of petrol and diesel. Apart from this, the party has said that if their government is formed they will halve the electricity bill in the state.

Cheap Medicines to Poor

Congress has promised to the youth of Gujarat on the lines of Samajwadi Party that when they come to power they will give smartphones and laptops to higher education students. From Rs 32 thousand crores 25 lakh youth will be employed. Apart from this, Congress has announced Sardar Patel universal health care card, in which cheap medicines will be provided to the poor public.

The party has said that the MSP will be announced before the sowing of the MSP if the government is formed. A loan of farmers will be waived Farmers will be given electricity on a priority basis, as is being given to private industries at this time.

During this, it was said that the Congress had committed the promise of his house, it was stolen by the BJP. BJP had promised 20 lakh houses, but till now they could only construct four lakh houses. 25 lakh LIG and MIG houses will be built which will be given to the poor sections at reasonable prices.

Small industries will exit GST

Small and medium industries will be excluded from the GST scope. Schools will be assisted to provide education to poor sections of the children. The players will be respected by promoting sports in the state.

Many promises from the Patidars

Gujarat Congress President Bharat Singh Solanki said that equal rights of education and employment will be given to Patidars and non-reserved people.
Keeping in view the article 31 (c) without touching the 49% SC / ST / OBC of the Congress, Congress will bring a bill of reservation under Article 46 of the Constitution.

According to what has been said under article 46, according to 15 (4) and 16 (4) of which no benefit is given, a special commission will be made to get educational and financial benefits for the people of such society. At the same time, financially for the backward people will be helped through a special commission.

The Congress says that its committee was preparing the manifesto from August.

Madhusudan Mistry is the chairman of this committee, while Sam Pitroda and Deepak Babariya are members of this committee.



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