Congress blames BJP for 60 lakhs fake voters in MP

Congress blames BJP for 60 lakhs fake voters in MP
  1. Congress blames BJP for 60 lakhs fake voters in MP as per the recent reports. Recently Congress claimed the BJP government of enrolling 60 lakh fake votes in MP elections to have an effect on the upcoming assembly elections. Congress then demanded a complete recheck of the entire voter list. Congress further demanded to take an action against the chief returning officer who presented the fraud voter list.

On Sunday, the Congress Party has visited the Election Commission office with a complaint. They said that it is a part of a fraudulent activity which includes the usage of technological verification of the entire voter list to find out the illegal activity also to find out the massive mobilisation of the BJP party workers. Congress even pinpointed the various other small parties such as Gondwana Ganatantra Party or BSP to stay aware of such fraudulent activity of the opposition party.

Yesterday, Kamal Nath, Jyotiraditya Scindia and Digvijay Singh held a press conference in the head office of the Congress Party in Delhi. They had alleged that the BJP’s state administration had done the fraudulent activity. According to the Congress party, the BJP members have distributed several voter identity cards of same persons all across the several assembly segments and booths. However, the Congress members have handed over all the documents to the Election Commission representatives in support of their charges.

There are around two hundred and thirty Assembly constituencies in Madhya Pradesh. Kamal Nath said, “We have given proof to the Election Commission that the voter lists of Madhya Pradesh are fraudulent. 60 lakh fake voters are enlisted in it. We have conducted our own enquiries in 100 constituencies. We have also provided proof to the EC as regards how one voter has been enlisted in different constituencies with the same name, address and father’s name. This cannot be any kind of mistake, it has been done deliberately by the present MP government.”

After getting such complaints from the opposition, the EC officials will visit several places of MP such as Bhojpur, Hoshangabad, Narela and Seoni-Malwa. The team will investigate on how the fraudulent activity has occurred. Congress demanded a strict action such a fraudulent activity also they also demanded the EC to produce the second corrected list along with an affidavit or a certificate.

Kamal Nath further said, “If the population of Madhya Pradesh has grown by 24% over the years, the voter list shows the number of voters in the state has grown by 40%. This means 60 lakh fraud voters in the state.” Whereas Scindia said that it is the misuse of the government’s official machinery and its desperation.



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