Complaint lodged against Rahul Gandhi for telling RSS hand in Gauri Lankesh Murder


Bangalore: The BJP workers have lodged a complaint against Rahul Gandhi at Koppa police station in Chikmagalur for telling the Sangh’s hand in the journalist Gauri Lankesh Murder case. In this complaint, it has been said that if there is any evidence against Rahul Gandhi, they should present that and the culprits should be arrested promptly, otherwise, they should apologize for their statements. Earlier in Delhi, BJP condemned Rahul Gandhi for blaming Sangh for killing Gauri.

In Delhi, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has condemned the RSS and the right-wing organizations responsible for the killing of journalist and social worker Gauri Lankesh before the commencement of inquiry by Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. In the news conference, Prasad said, “Even before the investigation began, Rahul Gandhi publicly blamed the right and the RSS ideology.” Rahul Gandhi always speaks without doing his own homework, so he heard the decision to be guilty. The Chief Minister of Karnataka wants to ask whether we have a clear evidence from the SIT between Rahul Gandhi’s one-sided malicious remark. Parties can expect the investigation. ”

The BJP leader said that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah should clarify whether he agrees with Rahul Gandhi’s remarks. Prasad said that the killing of Gauri is not the first such murder in the state. They raised the question that why the killers of the rationalist MM Kumburgi have not been caught till now. He said, “This is not the first incident in Karnataka, why so many murderers of Kaluburgi have not been caught.What is the government there in Rahul Gandhi?” Asked the Chief Minister of Karnataka, why he has not yet killed the killers. caught up.”

He said, “We do not want any politics on this matter. We hope that the Congress government will conduct an impartial investigation and will take the killers.” Prasad said that many of the malicious and prejudiced remarks are being done on the sad and sad death of Gauri Lankesh. We condemn it. He questioned why the liberal and intellectual people are silent on the killing of RSS workers in Karnataka and Kerala. Prasad said, “Nowadays people give their opinions on the social media, the so-called moderate and intellectual people are giving their comments, why are they silent on killing the RSS worker in Kerala.”
He said, “Those who teach a lesson on liberal values, I ask them whether it was human rights to kill RSS workers by the CPI (M), they raise voice for the rights of Maoists and Naxalites when RSS and BJP workers are killed. My moderate friends who speak loudly about the killing of journalists or Maoists, they take silence. ” Prasad said that there is a need to highlight the pretense and double standards. Prasad also said that if Gauri Lankesh was working with them to bring Maoists to the mainstream, then did Karnataka Government give them proper protection?

He said, “Lankesh’s brother has raised some questions, he said that Lankesh was supporting the Naxalites and trying to bring them into the mainstream, it provoked the Naxalites.” He said, “Our question is whether Lankesh was doing it with the support of the state, if yes, why he was not given proper security. This is a serious issue, BJP wants to know.



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