The Coal Scam You Have Forgotten has Found Its Culprits


The Coal Scam is included in the top five scam in India. A loss to the tune of 1.86 Lakh Crore captured the imagination of the Indian public. This number was not any normal number, but a number which forced many to find their imagination lenses. It is still in the public mind and Indian judiciary.Court cases in India are known for running as long as the person fighting the case survives on the earth. The Government at the time claimed that the figure reported by the CAG was completely false and inappropriate.

Coal Scam further eroded the Indian brand on the international market, where India is already famous for its large-scale corruption and rampant bribe culture. Many believed it was the demolishing point of the Congress Party. It found itself at the receiving end of the spectrum

The biggest of the names were found in the list of accused, who illegally gained the coal blocks resulting in the loss to the Indian Exchequer. People associated with Coal block are Tatas, Birla’s, and Jindal, who are considered to be the most respected business houses in the country. Together with the bureaucracy, in a systemic planned way, they made the mockery of the system to gain personal profits.
The CAG chairman Mr. Vinod Rai became a face of honesty and accountability in the government. His methods of calculation of prices of the coal blocks were questioned by the suffering politicians. Many politicians started putting blame on his character. They claimed he was doing all of this to gain a prominent government position after his retirement. Some claimed he wants to enter into politics after retirement.

The Present saga of the Coal Scam

The court case is still going on in the CBI court, where it is due to be heard tomorrow. The final decision will be out tomorrow. The main accused include Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda and former coal secretary H C Gupta, former Jharkhand chief secretary Ashok Kumar Basu and one more person. Today, Delhi CBI court found them guilty of criminal conspiracy and section 120B.
They are found to be guilty of favouring a private firm named Vini Iron & steel limited, which wanted the coal block allocation for the Rajhara coal block in Jharkhand.Tomorrow is the day for the decision on the quantum of the punishment for the accused found guilty. The court will pronounce the punishment which they may challenge in the higher court of the judiciary.
The special CBI judge Bharat parasher is overseeing this particular case. The four other accused in the case was not found guilty, and all charges were lifted against them. The person acquitted are VISUL director Vaibhav Tulsyan, Kumar Bhattacharya, Bipin Bihari Singh and Navin Kumar Tulsyan. It seems the matter has come to an end after the verdict, but they do have options ahead for further appeal. It remains to be seen in the further public discourse and judiciary about the future of coal scam, which has become the reference point in the Indian scam saga.



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