Chinese Daily Says Countdown To India China War Has Begun


Beijing/New Delhi: The Chinese media have repeatedly warned India about threatening war on the issue of Doklam. On Tuesday, China’s official newspaper had asked PM Modi to repeat the 1962 Nehru-led “mistake”, warning India on Wednesday that the countdown to war between India and China has now begun. Union Defense Minister Arun Jaitley said in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday that India has taken lessons from the war of 1962 and the country’s army is capable of dealing with all the circumstances. Although Jaitley did not mention Dowland directly, Jaitley’s statement is considered very important in view of China’s threats.

The Chinese newspaper wrote in its editorial that if India does not retreat its troops in Dokalam, then he will not have to survive anything except bashing himself. It was written further, ‘Countdown of war has started between the two armies of the two countries. Time is moving in that direction where there will be no way of solution. The stalemate is entering the seventh week and with this, the path of peaceful settlement is going down.



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