China Strict Message to India Says There is a limit to Patience


Beijing: From June 16 onwards, the soldiers of India and China are seen face-to-face and both the governments of the two countries have corrected their stand and said that they will not be withdrawn. At the same time, China has once said in a threatening tone that India should not test its patience on the Doklam dispute because there is also a limit to patience. China’s Ministry of Defense said that India came out of the delusion of its strategy to take this issue long because no country should underestimate the confidence and ability of the Chinese army.

Defense Minister Chang Wanquan said in a statement: “Since this incident, China has introduced a lot of restraint and tried to negotiate with India through diplomatic means to resolve this dispute. Has also shown the patience of the upper level to maintain normal bilateral relations and regional peace and stability. ”

Chang Wanquan said, “Although there is a limit to good faith and patience.” Chang urged the Indian side to resolve the situation immediately in order to restore peace in the border region. He said that the Chinese army will defend the country’s territorial sovereignty and security interests.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Thursday said that if India wants peace, then it should take its army back from Doklam.



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