China Prepares for war Shifts blood Bank to Tibet


Due to the dreaded dispute between India and China, India is constantly getting threats for the war on behalf of China. According to China’s official newspaper, China has started preparations for the war and is collecting blood by placing blood donation camps. It is being said that many hospitals in China are controlling the use of blood. Global Times, quoting the director of the National Institute of International Strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that even if India now retreats from Doklam, China will not remain silent on this issue. China believes that India can no longer go away from this problem. According to the Global Times, the blood stock was transferred to Chiochaiyako province before the earthquake on August 8, which was later reported to be transferred to Tibet.

At the same time, Global Times reports that India will have to suffer the consequences of its behavior. China has said that our weapons and armies are much better than India. It has been said in the report that even though India has bought arms from the US and Russia in the past, they are quite light compared to China’s weapons. Global Times claims that in the Long Range Rocket Artillery, China is not only ahead of India but also the best in the world.

It is noteworthy that on Wednesday, there was a clash between the two countries’ forces near the Pangong Lake of Ladakh. It is being said that on Tuesday, there was a collision between the two armies at the northern edge of Pangong Lake. After the failed infiltration attempt, the Chinese soldiers started stoning, which was answered by India too. In this rocking, the soldiers on both sides have received minor injuries.



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