Child dies as father can’t pay for Treatment in Jharkhand’s RIMS Hospital


Ranchi: In Jharkhand’s capital, a hospital refused to treat a year-old child just because his father had no money for it. The child died due to this attitude of the hospital. Shyam was hit due to falling and had an injury in his head. On Sunday, he was taken to the ‘Rajendra Institute of Medical Science’ (RIMS). According to Santosh Kumar, the father of the child, doctors had asked for CT scan.

Police said that the CT scan cost was Rs 1,350 and Santosh had Rs 1,300. He urged lab staff to scan despite the lack of money. But those people refused to scan Shyam and later he died. In a similar incident, a mother and her unborn child died in Gumla district on Sunday.

Janki Devi was admitted for delivery in Gumla Sadar Hospital. Although the hospital did not do the operation and referred it to ‘Rajendra Institute of Medical Science’. According to Janaki Devi’s husband Munna, hospital management took 3 hours to complete the paperwork. Janki Devi died while waiting for the process to end. Opposition parties have expressed concern over ‘poor health service’ in the state.



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