Chandigarh Stalking Case: Police arrests Vikas Barala


New Delhi: BJP Minister son Vikas Barala and his friend Ashish, arrested for sedition with the daughter of IAS officer’s daughter varnika kundu On Wednesday. both of them reached the 26-sector police station in Chandigarh for questioning. Two non-bailable sections have also been added to try to kidnap the case registered against Vikas Barla, after which the arrest has been made. Police had recovered CCTV footage of incident night in which case Vikas was seen chasing varnika kundu.

Earlier, the father of Vikas and BJP president Subhash Barala press conference on Wednesday for the first time on the matter. Meanwhile, Subhash Barala said that his son will cooperate fully with the police in the investigation and if he is found guilty even during the investigation, the law will take action against him. However, in the middle of the press conference, Subhash Barla received the call of his son and left the conference incomplete and walked in the middle.



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