Chandigarh Police Silent On CCTV Footage In Chandigarh Molestation Case


Chandigarh: The question of the action and attitude of the police is being questioned in the tampering case against Haryana BJP President Subhash Barala’s son Vikas Barala. On Monday evening, appearing before the Chandigarh SSP Ish Singhal left Press Conference, to keep the police side, he did not answer all the questions of the media. In particular, Cannon cut the key questions related to the CCTV footage. Although Singhal dismissed the issue of political pressure in the matter. On the other hand, the family suffering from the CCTV footage reportedly disappeared.

Police silence on CCTV

In the press conference, SSP Singhal said that Chandigarh Police is an agency working without any pressure. They said, ‘We are not under any pressure if we had pressure, why do we register FIR first day?’ On the question related to not adding the section of Kidnapping in the case, he said that if required then the streams will also be added. In this case, many questions are being raised about CCTV footage. It was also revealed that the CCTV footage of the area where there was tampering was missing. On the basis of this, it is being said that the police is trying to save the accused. When asked about this question, Singhal did not give any direct answer. He said, “We are investigating whatever CCTV is engaged on the rioting route.”

During this, Singhal also said that the case is being examined by every angle and every case is different, it should not be compared to any other case. He appealed to the media and said, ‘Do not make this case a media trial, let it run in the normal way. We will continue to give whatever updates we have. ‘ Journalists wanted to ask many more questions, but due to the end of the Singhal press conference, Media Persons Can’t ask.

The family suffering from the CCTV’s disappearance has also been shocked. Also, the way the families are being commented on social media, the people of the family are upset too. It has been said from the family that justice is the work of the state. No interference will be made on their behalf in the investigation and the opponents will not interfere in it. Father IAS VS Kundu said, “There is no pressure on me. Things change in the investigation process. When the police will present an invoice in the court, then if I feel that there is nothing wrong then I will keep my point there. ‘ He also told that leaving the BJP, he had leaders of several political parties. Kundu said, “I have requested all the leaders not to include politics in it. No message was received from BJP only. ‘

Meanwhile, BJP sources have reported that Haryana BJP President Subhash Barala will not resign. Party sources have said that this matter is related to their son and the law will do its job. Let us know that this matter has created a stir in the country’s politics including Haryana. Opposition parties are accusing that BJP, who talks of ‘Beti Bachao, Beti padhao’, is working to save his leader and his son by using government machinery rather than giving justice to a daughter in this matter. Even though the BJP itself is also raising voices against it. Some leaders of the state have given statements against Barla in this case. Also, party leader Subramanian Swamy is talking about taking this case through a public interest petition to the court.



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