Central government confine illegal Rohingya settlers to designated camps

Rohingya refugees
Central government confine illegal Rohingya settlers to designated camps

Central government confine illegal Rohingya settlers to designated camps including Jammu and Kashmir. Not only Jammu and Kashmir, the centre has asked all the states to confine illegal Rohingya settlers. The centre has also asked the state government to transfer them to the pre-identified locations within their jurisdiction as well as record all their personal details including biometric details, personal pieces of information and also strictly ordered the state governments to not to issue them Aadhar card or any other sort of identity proof.

This precise move was taken in order to send back these illegal refugees to their native country Myanmar. There are more than forty thousand Rohingya Muslims which are residing all across the country in different states such as Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, etc.

The centre has also asked Jammu and Kashmir Government to record all sort of information of these Rohingya Muslims. According to some sources, the personal details of this community has been recorded in details so that all the details can be shared with Myanmar government for the deportation of Rohingya Muslims.

According to the details which have been recorded by the state officials, around 40000 Rohingya Muslims are residing in India, out of which 7096 Rohingyas are staying in Jammu and Kashmir, 3059 in Andhra Pradesh, 1200 in the western part of Uttar Pradesh, 1114 in Haryana, 1061 in Delhi and 400 in Rajasthan.

The centre officials in a letter to the chief secretary of Jammu and Kashmir government mentioned that the refugees which are illegally residing in India are involved in all sort of fraudulent activities such as procurement of fake Indian government documents including voter identity cards, PAN cards, Aadhar cards as well as they are involved in various crimes such as anti-national activities or money laundering.

This particular decision came after receiving a certain number of complaints that a number of refugee groups are entering into the bordering states of Assam and West Bengal. And various NGOs are even helping these Rohingya refugees to enter the country and also these NGOs helping them in getting fake government identity documents. There are even a certain number of communities who are helping them to stay in refugee camps.

An intelligence officer from the CBI department said that these Rohingya Muslims are planning to enter into the southern parts of India such as Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. There has been a new influx of immigrants into Andaman and Nicobar Islands.



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