Center Accuses AAP Government For Stalling Projects In Delhi


Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri accused Aam Aadmi Party-led government for stealing projects and stalling Metro Phase IV while inaugurating the ITO Skywalk and a foot over bridge in the capital.

Puri claimed the state government didn’t provide 20 percent of the project cost, as per the deal struck earlier, and the ministry had to execute it on its own and the funds were provided by the Centre. The Skywalk has six lifts and its cost of construction amounted to Rs 55 crore.

The ITO Crossing houses more than two dozen major offices and institutions and about 30,000 pedestrians cross various roads around it daily.

Puri added, “When I became the minister in September 2017, I was told that the skywalk project, which was cleared in 2016, was still awaiting the Delhi government’s nod. We then decided to execute this project on our own.”

Executing agency Delhi Public Works Department (PWD) minister Satyendar Jain said no ministers of AAP party were invited for the inauguration.

Meanwhile, statement released by Delhi government reads, “No amount of tall claims and rhetoric will be able to mislead the people of Delhi, who will finally judge, whether cutting ribbons will be a substitute for hard work.”

The statement added that bureaucratic queries were raised and it was asked whether such project was necessary.



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