Calcutta HC flays bengal govt over immersion ban on Muharram

mamata banerjee

New Delhi: The Calcutta High Court has canceled the order to immerse the Durga statue after the Muharram jolting the Mamata Government. The court said on Thursday that the government can not interfere in the faith of the people before the verdict in this matter. On the day of Muharram, the ban of Mamata government’s on immersion was challenged by the High Court. During the hearing on Wednesday, the court had made a strong comment on Mamata’s government about this order. The court had said that the government wanted to create a rift between two communities. In fact, a decade ago, after the order of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, a riot broke out.

Mamta issued an order regarding Durga immersion, according to which the idol of Durga cannot be immersed during Muharram procession in West Bengal. The idol will be immersed at 6 o’clock on the day of Vijay Dashami because after that the Muharram procession will come out. Three petitions were filed in the High Court against this order of Mamta Government on which the hearings have been completed and the decision has to be taken today.

Prohibition on immersion

  • 30 stampede on idol from September 6 to 1 October
  • Muharram procession opens in the city on October 1
  • During the Pageantry of Muharram, the immunity to the idol of Durga
  • 3 petitions in the High Court against the order for ban on exemption
  • The High Court has strictly commented on Mamta’s government during the hearing.
  • Hindus-Muslims should stay together – Calcutta High Court
  • Do not impose their views on people- Mamta Government- High Court

The judge of the Calcutta High Court had said yesterday that there was no such thing in West Bengal about Durga Puja and Muharram. It seems the government is only creating cracks. Let all the community stay together The government can not impose its own thinking without any concrete reason. The State Government itself says that Bengal is the only state where Hindus and Muslims live in peace, and now the government is saying that anything can happen, it is unfortunate. It is unfortunate. How can you snatch the basic rights of any religion, whether it is a Hindu or a Muslim



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