Cabinet approved Rs 10,900 core for 30 PSLV, 10 GSLV operational flights

Cabinet approved Rs 10,900 core for 30 PSLV, 10 GSLV operational flights

Cabinet approved Rs 10,900 core for 30 PSLV, 10 GSLV operational flights. Finally, the Union Cabinet on Wednesday loosened its purse strings for the space programme by approving  Rs 10,469.20 crore for the launch of 10 GSLV flights and 30 PSLV over the next four years.

The cabinet has already sanctioned Rs 4,338.20 crore for 10 GSLV Mark III operational flights, by completing the first phase of the continuation for the 2019-24 period.

Jitendra Singh, minister of state in PMO said that with the sanction of Rs 4,338 for 10 launches of ISRO’s satellites within the next four years, the country will be able to launch some heavier satellites whose weight over 4 tonnes. This launch of satellites will boost up the country’s development in the field of space technology.

The cabinet has also sanctioned Rs 6,573 crore for 30 launches of PSLV rockets. Along with this, the cabinet is also planning for various space missions. On October 2018, the country will be ready to launch Mission Chandrayaan-2 as it will be a significant achievement in space programme for the country.

Singh further added that the operationalisation of GSLV Mark-III will make India self-reliant after the launch of 4 tonnes class of communication satellites which will help in strengthening and sustaining the space infrastructural development by reducing the country’s dependence on procured launches from the other countries.

This GSLV Mark-III programme has materialised and evolved in the last three to four years under the Modi Government. It is in keeping with the Make-in-India programme and is totally an indigenous mission. With this GSLV programme, ISRO will also able to launch not only mini satellites of foreign countries but also foreign satellites of over 4-tonne weight.”, Jitendra Singh said.

The main aim of launching GSLV Mark-III satellites is to achieve indigenous launch capability to launch 4-tonne class of satellites into Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO). Along with GSLVs and PSLVs, the programme will also meet the requirements of the launch of various other satellites for the earth observation, navigation and space sciences.

K Sivan, Chairman of ISRO said, “It is the happiest moment for all of us in ISRO. The Cabinet sanction for the GSLV and PSLV rocket launches will boost our space programme. The increase in satellite launches in the areas of communication, earth observation and navigation will not only be significant four our space agency but also benefit the common man.”

This PSLV continuation programme phase will complete the quota for the launch of satellites at a frequency up to eight launches each year, which will boost industrial development. The total project will be completed during the period 2019-24.



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