BREAKING: Mamata Banerjee Government Passes Anti-CAA Resolution In Assembly

mamata banerjee

West Bengal becomes the fourth state in a row to pass anti-CAA resolution. Chief minister Mamata Banerjee said all the three, the CAA, NRC and NPR, will not be allowed in the state.

The other three states to have passed the resolution are Kerala, Punjab and Rajasthan. The first is ruled by Left party while the other two by Congress.

Banerjee added that CAA is a terrible game and it is pushing the citizens towards death.

The CM further said, “The label of doubtful citizens, detention centers… is unacceptable… People are scared that they may have to leave the country.”

She dubbed Bharatiya Janata Part as the Brand Ambassador of Pakistan and said the Saffron people talks less of Hindustan and more of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, BJP has questioned efficacy of such resolutions as the states are to follow law passed by the Centre.

Kerala said the CAA in its new form is unconstitutional while Punjab said a resolution represents will of the people.

Critics say CAA violates secular tenets of the Indian Constitution and it discriminates against Muslims.



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