Boxer Vijendra Singh asked question to Rahul Gandhi over his marriage plan


New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi today the roke silence about his marriage, saying that he would then believe in fate, and said jab hogi toh hogi.

Rahul said this in response to a question asked by Olympic medalist Vijender Singh in Boxing. He was talking to different people after addressing the concluding function of the annual conference of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Rahul said that he gives importance to the game in personal life. He exercises at least one hour everyday, runs and swims. They said, do not know whether you heard the name of the i-kiddo or not, I am a black belt in it. He also said that he does not discuss it publicly.

However, the Congress vice-president also made it clear that he has not been able to work since the last three or four months. Otherwise, he participates in some game every day.

Apart from his marriage, Vijender had also questioned what would be his attitude towards sports development if he became the Prime Minister. He accepted the suggestion of the Winder that while participating in sports, he would send his videos to social sites so as to attract people’s attention to sports.

Rahul is 47 years old and he is still unmarried.



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