Book 1000 Tatkal Tickets at Once, CBI Arrests Its Own Assistant Programmer

tatkal ticket booking scam

Tatkal ticket Booking Software for booking more than 1000 tickets at once. Are You sure?The person who created it is from CBI. They have been arrested for this illegal act which undermines the security and purpose of the actual website. Where it is difficult for common man to book tickets, the agents are using illegal means to profit.

The CBI software programmer was selling software to multiple agents in India. Around 10 agents have been caught and the investigation is still on. The media report suggest that he was accepting payment in bitcoins. Along with him, his family members were too involved in it.

The tatkal window opens around 10 am for AC reservation while the tatkal window for sleeper reservation opens around 11 am. Indian Railway has time and again changed these timings for stopping illegal tatkal bookings but has found no significant results.

People spend countless hours in queue for tatkal tickets while agents too profit from this situation. The simple ratio of demand and supply can be used to understand the phenomena of Indian Railway tatkal ticket booking. The demand for tickets is not fulfilled by the current resources of the railway, which leads to no ticket or waiting for a ticket. CBI says that it follows zero tolerance policy towards crime and fraud.

The reasoning given by the programmer was he found deep information about IRCTC website when he got to work on a project for them. They were planning a serious business after the retirement. He has involved his few of the friends into this illegal business and was planning to take this further.

As this case has emerged in the public, people are worried about the other many such tactics employed by many such agents to illegally book multiple tickets on the website. The coincidence in the matter is that they found it so quickly and many agents have been caught in Jaunpur and Mumbai.

The IRCTC and Tatkal Ticket

We all have been there at some point in time.Finding Railway Tatkal ticket can be compared to taking rebirth as human because both are entirely impossible. The situation gets worse as more and more people join the digital medium for their reservation.

The CBI Software programmer found to be selling illegal software to book thousand tatkal tickets at once was Ajay Garg who was well aware of the vulnerabilities in the functioning of the website. Cash and gold Jewellery have been recovered from multiple places after CBI conducted the raid. The media reports suggest that Ajay was a software programmer for IRCTC for a few years. They are believed to be in operation since last one year through their network of agents who were spread in multiple states of India.

The Future Of Railway Ticket Booking

Railways authorities have reportedly said to be increasing their security measure to stop any such activities in the future. The people must be made aware of such fake software which aims to utilize the vulnerability of the railway website. We can only hope that stern action is taken against the accused and railway Improves its security features so that no such incidents take place in the future.



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