Blue Whale Danger: CBSE Issues Guidelines, Childrens can not take Smartphones in school


New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued guidelines for the use of Internet and electronic gadgets in schools amidst terrorism spreading from the blue whale game in the country and the world. CBSE has instructed the schools to give information about the safe use of the Internet to children, ensuring that electronic communication equipment such as smartphones, tablets, iPods, laptops, can not be brought to the school without permission.

Information about the safe use of the internet

CBSE has issued guidelines to schools for the safe use of digital technology. The Board has said that schools should encourage safe educational environment for effective reading-reading. In such a way, schools should take steps to prevent inappropriate activities through IT equipment in their premises. In the guidelines of the board, it has been said that the schools should give information about the safe use of the Internet to the students. Along with this, students should be made aware of the rules of acceptable use of the Internet. In all the computers in schools, it should be ensured to apply safety measures such as firewall, filter, monitoring software. The computer should upload parental control filter and anti virus.

Principals of schools will keep meditation

It is reported in the circular of the CBSE that it is informed that in order to collect, record or play visual or audio material, electronic communication devices like smart mobile phones, tablets, i-pads, laptops, in school or school buses, without permission Not to be brought. In charge of the principal and school buses in the transport charge, keep in mind that mobile phones can not be brought.



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