Black Flags Shown To Rahul Gandhi In Banaskantha


Ahmedabad: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s car attacked by some people in Gujarat. Black flags were also shown to them. Rahul Gandhi visited the local people in flood-affected Banaskantha area on Friday and addressed the people here. During this time, his car hit a stone, causing the glass to be broken by the back seat of the car. The SP of Banaskantha told that the stone was on the same side as Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was sitting.

In Banaskantha, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘We wanted to come among all and wanted to say that the Congress Party is with you all.’ Rahul Gandhi said that he is with the people of the flood-hit areas but some people do not want to let this happen. Earlier, Congress vice-president also reached flood-hit areas in Jhalor in Rajasthan and met the people.

Explain that due to heavy rains flood situation has become different in different parts of the country. A large number of people are trapped in the floods, the army, and the ADRF teams are working to save. Last time Prime Minister Modi also came to take stock of Gujarat’s floods. He announced the huge amount of money for the help of people and met the minister’s officials to instruct him to speed up relief work.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had told that the problem has become more complicated due to heavy rains in neighboring Rajasthan. Due to this, the water level has increased in rivers and dams. He said that due to the filling of Dantewada and Sipu dams, the water was released due to which the people living in lower areas were taken to safer places.

Rahul Gandhi targeted Prime Minister Modi after tweeting after the incidents of stone pelting He said, “With the slogans of Narendra Modi, we are not going to be retreating with black flags and stones, we will put our full strength to help the people.”

After this, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani tweeted, “It would have been good that Rahul Gandhi and Congress did help people and did not show off. Rahul Gandhi’s style is unique in the party. Seeing them, the Congress MLAs have also been in the break mode. The people of Gujarat understand all the tricks of the Congress. ‘



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