BJP Set To Form Government In Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, Early Trends Indicates


Early election result trends show that BJP is again set to win the Gujarat election, Though Congress gave a tough fight, It missed the point. Hardik Patel, the leader of Patidar community who was touted to be the game changer in this Gujarat election could not do much wonder.

BJP has strongly fought the election which has become a murkier mudslinging between each party for votes. Narendra Modi addressed multiple rallies to help his party win election. Many complaints were also filed in the election commission about the tampering of the EVM. and some even claimed that you press any button on the EVM machine the vote will go the BJP.

The election commission has strongly refuted such false claims saying that EVM machines are technologically sound and cannot be tampered. On the Other hand, Congress complained to the election commission about the Narendra Modi roadshow after casting his vote. BJP has maintained their consecutive wins in Gujarat. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi became the Congress president and everyone had high hope that Rahul did a fantastic job at political rallies at the Gujarat election. Congress leader Ashok Gehlot says Rahul Gandhi put up a nice campaign in the election.

The Congress and The BJP

In Gujarat, BJP is leading in more than 100 seats and Congress in more than 80 seats. If BJP wins the seats as indicated in the current trends, it is bound to form the government in Gujarat with a clear majority. Congress which is missing the target by a narrow margin has a lot to learn from the election to fine-tune its strategy for the upcoming elections.

The votes required to form a government in Gujarat is 92 and Given the current trends in the live result, BJP is set to form a government. The Same results are repeated in the Himachal Pradesh too where BJP is leading in more than 40 seats while the required majority is 35 seats for a majority in the government.

Rajnath Singh, Indian Home Minister has already declared his age-old phrase that This result is the result of policies of Narendra Modi Government. We are also aware of their phrase if by chance they would have lost the election. The exit polls and psephologists had predicted a tough fight between BJP and Congress in Gujarat but a comfortable win in Gujarat. Himachal Pradesh is a small state but a strategic win in the state would boost BJP in other states too.

The Result For BJP

The Sensex has jumped more than 300 points and currently trading at more than 33000 points. The strong result in the states is believed to be the cause of the rise of Sensex index. BJP workers are already celebrating at the party headquarters in Delhi as they believe trends will soon be converted into the results.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said this win is the result of people’s hard work and faith into the BJP policies. He believes the change in the Congress leadership is good signal for the BJP. We are yet to arrive at the final result from the Election Commision of India.



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