BJP MP Paresh Rawal Slams Barkha Dutt for Supporting Dr Kafeel Khan in Gorakhpur Case


After the Support of Dr. Kafeel Khan by Journalist Barkha Dutt BJP MP and Flim Actor Paresh Rawal Slams Barkha Dutt. Dr. Kafeel Khan has been removed from the post of Nodal Officer of Pediatrics Department of BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur. More than 70 children were killed in this government hospital in Gorakhpur in the last three days. According to the news published in many newspapers, Dr. Kafeel saved many children by providing the oxygen cylinders on his behalf. They were engaged in handling the situation with their full potential. In the Gorakhpur incident, Dr. Kafeel was emerging as a hero in social media but After removing Dr. Kafeel from the post, Barkha Dutt tweeted, supporting him that Kafil Khan was a patriot, a good man, and a real hero.

On seeing this tweet of Barkha Datta, an official from BJP Mahila Morcha(Gita S. Kapoor) lodged a complaint against him. Commenting on the tweet of Barkha Dutt, the BJP leader wrote that I heard that he was a rapist.

After a while, BJP MP from Ahmedabad, Paresh Rawal, jumped into this Twitter War. Paresh Rawal hit back at Barkha Dutt while retweeting the tweets of this female leader of his party. Paresh Rawal, while supporting Dr. Kaifil as a rapist, wrote that some of the hawks, who are hollow, feel like a hero.



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