Big Disclosure on the death of 64 children in Gorakhpur


Gorakhpur: Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh today regretting the death of children in BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur, said that there was a commissioning in the supply of oxygen in college. He said that against the demand of 68 lakh rupees for the supply of oxygen cylinders, 2 crore rupees had been released by the government on August 5, but payment by the hospital administration was done on August 11 and that too 20 lakh rupees. Why is there because commissioning was going on here?

The greed of the principals takes the Life of innocent Children

Dr. K.K. Gupta, Director General of the Medical Education Department of the UP, clearly said that death is not due to lack of oxygen its due to the greedy person Rajiv Mishra, the principal of Gorakhpur Medical College.

Reason behind 64 children’s death

He said that the medical college had no shortage of money. Money was paid for the company’s supplying the oxygen supply but when the company refused to give his commission to Rajiv Mishra in payment … his commission, then Rajiv Mishra stopped the company’s payment. After this, the company stopped the supply of oxygen. After which 64 innocent children lost their lives.

A day before the Independence Day, the health minister, who came here on the occasion of All India Poetry Conference organized by the martyrs, said that the disease of Japanese fever has not come only yesterday, it has affected 38 districts of the state. There are 3000-4000 patients every day in BRD Medical College. Our government is providing facilities of ventilators in Pediatric ICUs in Primary Health Centers and Community Health Centers in affected districts so that patients do not have to come to the cities.

It is notable that after the death of more than 30 children in Baba Raghavdas BRD Medical College located in Gorakhpur, the state government suspended the Principal of BRD Medical College on Saturday and under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary, a high-Level inquiry to be done.



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