Bengaluru Income tax officer’s son abducted, Murdered, Four Arrested


Bengaluru: A sensational case has emerged that an Income Tax Officer son was kidnapped and murdered. In this case, the police have arrested 4 people including the giant. The same police have gathered in search of Shantraj, another partner of Vishal. The police have recovered the dead body of 19-year-old Sharad from a pit in a stone mound locked in Ramnagar district near Bangalore this morning.

According to the police, on 12th September evening at 6:30 pm huge and his friends called on Sharad with the name of showing the imported bike. Parents Gifted a new bike and he also wanted to show his bike to his friend Vishal. As soon as Sharad told Vishal about the new bike, Vishal told him that he also wanted to show him an imported Bentley bike and after that, he got off the house with his new bike with the autumn bike. On the way, he met the huge The other 3 friends of the giant were in the car. Vishal took Sharad in the car and his friend left the house of a relative with the bike of Sharad.

Sharad’s father got the first video message from Sharad on about eight and a half o’clock and after a few minutes, another video came to his mother that Sharad has been kidnapped. If 50 lakh rupees are not given, then the abductor will murder him.

Seeing the video sent on Whatsapp, it does not feel anywhere that Sharad had sent this video under any pressure. Homes also felt that the autumn itself is pretending to be a kidnap itself, so father Niranjan decided that he would complain about this in the Gyan Bharti police station and IT officer Niranjan lodged the case at 10 pm. As soon as Vishal realizes that the matter has gone to the police, he went to the police and got killed before it was registered and even before the matter was registered, he killed Sharad. Vishal realized that the police would reach him during the investigation.

After the murder of Sharad, his body was taken into the car and his friends took him to a pond near Chandrappa circle in Mysore Road and threw the body with stone and threw it into the water. That very night came back huge and together with Sharad’s family, started searching for Sharad. After two days the body came over the water, the accused again became scared, once again they tied the dead body with a big stone and threw it into the water, but after 2 days the body returned to the surface again. After this, the accused put the body inside the car for 1 day and then the next day, near the adjoining district of Ramnagar, was buried in stone mines near the village.

Police suspected the huge due to a phone number, after registering a case of abduction, when the police started tracking the number of Sharad, there was no place for the number of autumns but one place at all places The number was active, this number was registered on every mobile tower where Sharad was the number, when the police investigated it was discovered that this number is only of the giant.

After this clue, when Vishal was interrogated strictly, he sparked the whole truth, the police arrested Vinay, Karan, and Vinod, who had supported him in this work besides the main accused Vishal, late last night, one of his And fellow Shantraj is being searched for.

Translation of Whatsapp Video

Do not please your mother, do not complain, they have big weapons, these people are also very scared. If we go to the police then we all will be very upset. These people are also following sister, what we do every day, they have complete details. All this has told me, please make arrangements for the rupees, today I have made them targets, tomorrow can be Kidnap too. Solve it with me as well. Save the family and arrange the money soon.




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